Are You Making These Cleaning Mistakes?

Housecleaning is one of the most challenging tasks you can ever do. In fact, not a lot of homeowners are thrilled to clean their homes. That’s why they would rather have some house cleaners drop by their homes to get it cleaned from the inside and out. However, you can’t hire them every day, can you? 


For all those days when it’s just you and your messy home, you have no choice but to get some straightening up to do. The list below contains some of the most common cleaning mistakes that homeowners do and how to prevent them.  

  1. Dishwasher overload.

Are you too eager to get all the dishes done in one go that you stock all the plates and utensils until you almost can’t close the dishwasher’s door? Doing this is not advisable as your dishes won’t be completely cleaned if you do. Some of the plate’s surfaces won’t be reached by the soap and water spewed by the dishwasher. You’re actually putting your family’s health in jeopardy if you do this.  

  1. Washing cuttingboards with soap. 

Never ever wash wooden cutting boards using soap, especially after you have used to slice meat. The juice of the meat can penetrate into the wood and no soap can remove it. It’s best to soak the chopping board in bleach. That way, your next meal won’t be crosscontaminated.  

  1. Missing important surfaces. 

When cleaning your home, are you too concerned with sweeping the floors, clearing cabinets, and wiping tables that you forget the more important surfaces of all? You should take special focus on cleaning faucets, doorknobs, handles, and all other items that are always touched by hand. Touching through the hand is still the easiest way to transmit germs and diseases. Don’t forget to sanitize these things when cleaning.  

  1. Using one rug for wiping everything else. 

When cleaning, it’s easy to assume that all surfaces are the same. As such, you use the same rug for wiping everything else. That’s not good practice. You’re over-using your reliable cleaning cloth if you do that. But more importantly, you are spreading a lot of germs. Be sure to use a new towel when the one you’re using gets moist. Don’t just hang it to dry. Be sure to wash it first.  

  1. Use of a feather duster. 

Years ago, the feather duster is the most important cleaning tool to remove dust from the surfaces. Then somebody realized that the dust that the feather duster removed from the surface is merely released into the air and then get settled somewhere else. That’s also the time when vacuuming cleaners with all sorts of appendages became popular. Don’t use a feather duster again. Use a microfiber cloth instead.  

  1. Ignoring the trash can. 

The worse thing that you can ever do when cleaning your home is ignoring the trash can altogether. You know that all the garbage in your home goes to the trash can. Since it is a repository of trash, it must be the dirtiest item in your home. Be sure that you clean and sanitize it after throwing away the garbage.  

If you need help or some other tips when cleaning your home, talk with the experts in house cleaning Vacaville CA. These are the service providers that can help you with that as they have many years of experience in the field.  



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Methods in Refinishing Your Cabinet in the Kitchen

In order for your cabinets especially those kitchen cabinets to last longer and be able to be used for many times, you need a refinishing idea. It would also give so much and comfortable space in your kitchen as you wanted to live in a spacious one. This can result to a better positioning of things and of course, the best idea is that it increases the overall value of your house when you plan to sell. In this article, you would be able to figure those methods on how to make things better by refinishing the kitchen drawers and cabinets in your house.  


Plan in AdvanceIt is nice to always pay attention in careful planning of the stuff and things that you wanted to do. This will give you a basic idea of the things that you need to prepare and have them collected in one place before doing the exact project that you want. You have to make sure that all your tools in making this one possible is complete already so that you can finish in on time or ahead of time. You don’t want to waste your time for the last-minute buying of the things and you must avoid cramming yourselves in completing this.  

Remove the Stuff from ItAfter gathering the necessary tools and equipment, it is now your turn to remove all the utensils, plates, kitchenware or anything that you have in your cabinet. It would be faster to work in a certain place that there is nothing to worry about.  

Unscrew the Door of the Drawer: If you wanted to make the working task quicker, you need to remove or unscrew the door from its cabinet. Of course, if it is an old one then you have to be extra careful as you don’t want to damage the whole surface of it.  

Wipe Away the Dirt from The Surface: The refinishing activity or process would not be as successful as what you are thinking now if you won’t remove the dust and dirt from the surface. By using a clean piece of cloth, you remove the dust and dirt that is on the cabinet. You don’t want this to cause the unevenness of the refinishing output. You undergo the sanding process as well to make sure that it would be free from any possible spots.  

You Can Apply the Primer: Some would consider applying a primer application to the surface of the wall and cabinets. The purpose of this is to hide the small holes, stains from something that you have used before and even some not so refined way of smoothing the wood part.  

Choose the Color of the Paint That Will Match Perfectly: This is the time now to showcase the real beauty of the kitchen cabinets into something looking classy. It would be better to use the pain brush as it would give fine details to those uneven ones. Let it dry before putting the things back.  

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How Important are Mortgage Brokers? 

If you are thinking about purchasing a property, you are at the beginning of what could be a very exciting time. Owning your house is one of the best achievements many people dream of. But the field of mortgages can be full of complex statistics and information. As a matter of fact, if you are unfamiliar with how house loans work, it makes it more challenging to locate the correct one for your necessities. That is why a lot of people nowadays consider looking for professional and expert advice. 

 Mortgage Broker

Do Mortgage Brokers Charge? 

A lot of people ask questions about the price of the mortgage fee. Is it for free or do they really charge? Either way, it is a very good question to ask. You should always know whether the services given are for free, whether there are charges included, or whether there are added charges to the principal value you owe on your house loan. 

For a case with a mortgage broker, there are actually fees involved however, these fees can be applied in 1 of 2 ways: 

They can charge you a certain amount for hiring their service. 

The fees may vary as one mortgage broker differs from the other. It depends on the actual service provided by the mortgage broker. The most important thing that you should remember is that they must inform you before you hire them of how much it will actually cost and what you’ll earn in return for the payment. Just be certain to confirm the exact amount being charged as well as when the amount is payable. 

In addition to that, some mortgage brokers may charge you fees for their suggestions and tips at the outset. Others may charge for the actual service, some at completion, and some at mortgage offer.  

The mortgage broker may also receive a commission payment coming from the lender. However, in this case, you are not obliged to give additional payment on the mortgage broker anymore. Instead, the lender will be the one to give the mortgage broker a commission for taking in the deal. In some instances, the broker will earn a commission as well as request an extra charge for their services. 

Who pays the broker? 

The one that should be paying the mortgage broker will be either the lender or the both of you. Your hired mortgage broker will provide you with a certain document. This will basically contain details about their charges and how they gain from it. As a matter of fact, this must also disclose whether you will have to really pay an extra charge for them or whether the lender should be the only one paying them a commission if you go with the loan. More details about their charges will be given in another illustration or document. This is actually another document providing details all about the mortgage which the broker has offered you. Aside from that, a mortgage specialist should be regulated by the law in order to give their services to you. 



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