Housecleaning is one of the most challenging tasks you can ever do. In fact, not a lot of homeowners are thrilled to clean their homes. That’s why they would rather have some house cleaners drop by their homes to get it cleaned from the inside and out. However, you can’t hire them every day, can you? 


For all those days when it’s just you and your messy home, you have no choice but to get some straightening up to do. The list below contains some of the most common cleaning mistakes that homeowners do and how to prevent them.  

  1. Dishwasher overload.

Are you too eager to get all the dishes done in one go that you stock all the plates and utensils until you almost can’t close the dishwasher’s door? Doing this is not advisable as your dishes won’t be completely cleaned if you do. Some of the plate’s surfaces won’t be reached by the soap and water spewed by the dishwasher. You’re actually putting your family’s health in jeopardy if you do this.  

  1. Washing cuttingboards with soap. 

Never ever wash wooden cutting boards using soap, especially after you have used to slice meat. The juice of the meat can penetrate into the wood and no soap can remove it. It’s best to soak the chopping board in bleach. That way, your next meal won’t be crosscontaminated.  

  1. Missing important surfaces. 

When cleaning your home, are you too concerned with sweeping the floors, clearing cabinets, and wiping tables that you forget the more important surfaces of all? You should take special focus on cleaning faucets, doorknobs, handles, and all other items that are always touched by hand. Touching through the hand is still the easiest way to transmit germs and diseases. Don’t forget to sanitize these things when cleaning.  

  1. Using one rug for wiping everything else. 

When cleaning, it’s easy to assume that all surfaces are the same. As such, you use the same rug for wiping everything else. That’s not good practice. You’re over-using your reliable cleaning cloth if you do that. But more importantly, you are spreading a lot of germs. Be sure to use a new towel when the one you’re using gets moist. Don’t just hang it to dry. Be sure to wash it first.  

  1. Use of a feather duster. 

Years ago, the feather duster is the most important cleaning tool to remove dust from the surfaces. Then somebody realized that the dust that the feather duster removed from the surface is merely released into the air and then get settled somewhere else. That’s also the time when vacuuming cleaners with all sorts of appendages became popular. Don’t use a feather duster again. Use a microfiber cloth instead.  

  1. Ignoring the trash can. 

The worse thing that you can ever do when cleaning your home is ignoring the trash can altogether. You know that all the garbage in your home goes to the trash can. Since it is a repository of trash, it must be the dirtiest item in your home. Be sure that you clean and sanitize it after throwing away the garbage.  

If you need help or some other tips when cleaning your home, talk with the experts in house cleaning Vacaville CA. These are the service providers that can help you with that as they have many years of experience in the field.