Pets are one of the best gifts in this world. Whether you’re a cat mom or a dog mom, our pets are just purely adorable. They help us relieve our stress and anxiety. More than that, they can always make as happy by just showing their dorky sides. A dog is definitely a man’s best friend. There are a lot of good things that a dog can give us such as protection, stress relief, and just pure love and happiness. Because of this, we should also show our unconditional love for our dogs. There are a lot of ways where we can show our love to our dogs. One of them is giving them CBD dog treats and a lot more.

  1. Talk to your Dog

Apparently, there is a study which says that Dogs can understand human language. That explains why a dog can easily understand and pick up basic words. Talking about and praising them is one way to show your love and appreciation to them. One way also is to read something to them. It helps calm an anxious or a shy dog.

  1. Share a soft and deep gaze

According to Dr. Brian Hare, a professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University, when a dog is staring at you, he is actually “hugging you with his eyes”. Although this is not advisable to do with dog’s stranger because it might interpret it as a threat. Do this with your own dog by speaking softly and by stroking him gently.

  1. Raise your eyebrows

Another thing to do to show your love to your dog is by raising your eyebrows. Accordingly, a dog can read human expression very well. Dogs also raise their eyebrows, especially the left one, when they are happily greeting their owners. So, in order to make your dog feel loved a little more, make it a habit to raise your left eyebrow whenever greeting him.

  1. Sleep next to each other

Another research in MRI found out that when a dog is sleeping next to his owners, it is an ultimate display of love and trust to his owner. Moreover, when they sleep next to you, they consider you as a member of their pack. So, next time your dog wants to sleep next to you, allow him to snuggle with you.

  1. Walk him

Walking your dog is more than just a way to keep him in shape or healthy. Apart from that, it is a form of bonding time with you. It’s a way to build trust and a good communication for the both of you.

  1. Give him treats

Giving your dog treats that are healthy for him will give a lot of benefits to his overall health. Dogs love treats. Giving them treats from time to time make them feel loved and appreciated. Always choose those treats in a good quality and trusted by a lot of fog lovers.

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